Thursday, February 5, 2015

Romantic Fruity Cocktail

It may be pink but it's not just for women. My husband likes these plenty.  I like mine with just a bit of 7 up to add some bubbles.  Hubs likes his without.  I like mine without ice.  Hubs likes lots of ice in his.

We do agree that this is a nice refreshing drink that is refreshing after a long day. We don't drink a lot but we like to keep both juices on hand in case an evening calls for a fruity cocktail.  

To complete a romantic night, there is nothing better than a little chocolate.  Spicely Organic Chocolate send me these amazing tea infused chocolates. It's amazing, it's like they KNEW us or something. Hubs loves dark chocolate so of course loved the Green Earl Grey chocolate. I am a milk chocolate fan and thought the Honeybush Caramel was amazing. You gotta check out the website, they have a ton of flavored chocolate that I totally need to try.  They also have a huge variety of teas and spices in amazing flavors. 

Romance Fruity Cocktail Recipe

4 oz. Ruby Red grapefruit juice
2 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. vodka
2 oz. 7-up (optional)

Mix everything, pour and drink!  With ice or without, your choice. 

Don't forget your Spicely Organic Chocolates!


  1. Yay for cocktails!! I love the combination of bitter, sweet and tangy in this.

  2. Cocktails and chocolate? You are a genius. LOVE it.

  3. This looks like the PERFECT ending to a romantic day!!

  4. this sounds great! Perfect for a nightcap and dessert!

  5. Nothing more romantic than cocktails and chocolate!