Monday, September 8, 2014

Minnesota State Fair - 2014

Did you know that the Minnesota State Fair is the largest state fair?  At least by daily attendance.  We went on a Sunday this year and there were just under 200,000 people there. 

We got to the fair a little later than desired.  We hadn't eaten anything. I mean, you GO to the fair to eat, it wouldn't be fair to eat ahead of time. Needless to say, we were pretty hungry by the time we got there.  

We had fries for breakfast.  Seriously, does life get any better than that?  

It wasn't long before Jory got his pickle on a stick.  This boy really loves pickles. 

I didn't get the camera ready in time, he ate it so fast!

Next up was a Texas taco burger thing.  It had taco meat, cheese, sauce, onion rings.  It wasn't like you could pick it up, this was a knife and fork kind of sandwich.  Pretty good though. 

We had bought a coupon book ahead of time and one of this things I wanted to try for sure was the deep fried Monte Cristo sandwich.  I had only one bite but it was scrumptious! 

Ashten got a turkey leg and Jory followed right behind and wanted one.  Everyone shared them, with 9 people, they don't go too far. 

Next up was the all you can drink milk shop.  You buy one for $1 and you get all the milk you want.  Even chocolate.  It was a warm day and the chocolate milk was really cold and refreshing.  We drank a lot of milk.  

Total attendance for the fair this year was over 1.8 million in the 12 days that it is open.  It was a new record for attendance. 

Jacob loves anything apple. Minnesota is known for their apples and this was at the Minneapple Pie booth.  We just had to get a scoop of vanilla and cinnamon ice cream. 

These cinnamon roasted almonds were one of my favorites.  They were warm and toasty and just rocked!

We tried to keep the cost down so these nuts were in the coupon book.  I think saving money with coupons just made us buy more food though! 

It was quite a hot day so these apple cider freezies were awesome!  The tasted delicious and were quite refreshing!

Jon was mad that they ran out of the Mini Donut Flavored Beer. 

Jory had a list of his favorite fair foods.  A blue raspberry icee was on the top of that list. 

He was all over the pizza too!

A cinnamon sugar coated funnel cake was shared by everyone. I think we ended up getting two of these!

My favorite thing at the fair. Falafel on a stick.  I could have eaten 10 of these.  They tasted fantastic! I've tried making falafel and can never make them as good as these!

One of the things in the coupon book was a sandwich that was supposed to have ham, pineapple and avocado. It sounded heavenly.  What I ended up getting was a sandwich loaded with tons of mushrooms. I hate mushrooms and was quite disappointed. The line was long so I didn't bother bringing it back. I think Danielle ended up eating it.  

Jacob is my shrimp fan so it was shrimp and chips for him. 

My husband, Patrick, ate a giant beefy bean burrito thingy.  Yum!

Very hot day so the fresh squeezed Lemonade was awesome!  Could have been a little colder though. 

Root beer float was also on Jory's list. I hope he shared this, it was really big! I know I didn't end up with any of it!

Fudge puppies!!  This was a Belgian waffle on a stick covered in chocolate and whipped cream.  

Once again, I missed a bite of this as I was walking behind Jacob and Felicity as they finished it off!

Next up was a steak sandwich!

I guess it is the only thing that they sell here.  London Broil Steak Sandwiches.  I'm not a big steak fan but the onions on top looked fantastic! 

I think this next picture is chicken on a stick.  I think that once Felicity started eating it, it looked pretty good. Looks a bit charbroiled at this point though. It's on a stick, how bad could it be!

Jon went to go see how long the line for Alligator on a stick was but came back with pizza. I guess the line was too long. Too bad, I've never tried gator and I actually would have tried that!  Maybe next time!

It's not like cheesy pepperoni pizza is a bad thing though.  

My friend Patti bought me a piece of corn.  This was my third favorite thing at the fair, next to the falafel and the cinnamon roasted almonds. 

Clearly Ashten enjoyed the corn as well!

Here's Felicity and Danielle chilling after some hardcore shopping!

Jacob wondering why we're not eating more fair food instead of shopping!

Aha, more apple stuff for Jacob. Apples with caramel and vanilla ice cream. 

Oh, the Trolley.  Our feet were kinda hurting after awhile but we didn't stop for the trolley.  We hoofed it all over the state fair, from one end to the other.  

Jacobs favorite food is Mac and Cheese and he's quite the fish fan too. So this Walleye Mac and Cheese was perfect for him.  I'm not a fish fan but I enjoyed the mac and cheese part. I actually loved the corn in it, very tasty!

I'd say Jacob ate most of it but he did share some of it!

Ok, we didn't get the mini donut beer but we did find Smores Beer.  It was a bit of a stronger beer than I liked. I thought the sweetness was kinda cool though.  Eating a beer marshmallow was kinda cool too!

Patti and Jon got a salmon wrap. They wanted me to try it, I should have tried it but I just don't like salmon.  I had just had some of the walleye mac and cheese and tasted a bit of fish and just didn't feel like doing anymore fish.  I WISH I liked fish.  This wrap looked good!

More apple stuff.  Told you that Minnesota loves their apples. This was an apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream.  

Here's Jory with a footlong hotdog. A naked boring footlong hot dog.  The best thing about a footlong at the fair is the grilled onions but my boring boy just doesn't like anything on his hot dogs.  He did share this with Jacob who also doesn't like anything on his hot dog. Weird children I have, right?

Every year the fair has had deep fried Twinkies. What did they do when Twinkies temporarily went extinct?  I don't know but I'm glad that they were here!  

We didn't get the deep fried Twinkie this year but we did get the Buckeye.  It was like deep fried peanut butter and chocolate with a strawberry dipping sauce.  We all loved it but I don't think that Jacob can possibly eat another bite!

Patti came over with a garlic bread cheesy thing that rocked!  

Another new thing at the fair was Beer Gelato.  We have here half stout beer gelato and half caramel apple gelato.  I'm not a huge beer fan but this was quite good!

It's a good thing we got a picture of the Midway with all the rides.  By the time we got back there, it was dark and had started raining.  Really raining.  The kids were having a blast running around in the rain.  Not as fun for us as we walked to the shuttle bus getting pelted by the rain.  Funny, the whole day it was super hot and now, here we are freezing, wet and waiting for the bus.  Still it was a fantastic day with friends and I can't wait to do it again next year!

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  1. When I was in high school my friend's family ran the funnel cake stand and I worked there for 2 summers! I'm glad to see you enjoyed a funnel cake!