Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Potato, Corn and Bean Soup

I tend to get in a rut when it comes to soup.  I'll find a soup that I like and just keep making it over and over. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing but I have like 57 soup recipes bookmarked that I want to make. 

I love soup. I make huge batches and let it sit in the refrigerator for the week so I can eat it every day.  Soup rocks. 

Is there anything better than the smell of onions and garlic sauteing?  My house always smells of onions and garlic. I now use a water saute method so I can skip adding extra oil to my meals.  Who needs extra oil anyways?  Sauteing in water works perfectly so get rid of that oil, okay?

I had just enough red potatoes for this meal. Leave the skins on, I don't get peeling potatoes.  

Have you ever seen those movies that take place like a hundred years ago and show very poor people working as a potato peeler or something?  Why did they peel the potatoes?  So much nutrition there, I don't get it.  Unless they weren't able to wash them properly or something back then. Hmm, I don't know.  Sorry, I got sidetracked. 

I loved this soup. It fared well in the refrigerator for several days while I enjoyed it for lunch. So glad I finally made a new soup.  

Potato, Corn and Bean Soup Recipe

1 large onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp. thyme, minced
8 cups vegetable stock or broth
1 lb. red skin potatoes, scrubbed and cut into bite sized cubes
1 lb. green beans, cut into bite sized pieces
3 1/2 cups corn
4 cups navy beans or white beans, or 2 cans
salt and pepper to taste

Saute onion in a bit of water for about 10 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for about 1 minute.  Add the veggie stock, potatoes, green beans, and corn and cook, covered over medium heat for about 15 minutes. Add the navy beans and season with salt and pepper and cook for another 10 minutes or until the veggies are tender. 



  1. This looks great! I need a meatless meal for next week, and I think this will be it!

    I also use water or broth for sauteing my veggies...sometimes, not every time! I love cutting out the fat and saving on calories that way!

  2. This looks great and we have green beans in the freezer to use up before we plant the next crop. thanks.