Friday, March 7, 2014

Listerine 21 Day Challenge Results

You ever have garlic breath?  I love garlic and eat it often. I always seem to eat a garlicky meal on the night our congregation meets.  I go to meeting and I feel like I totally smell of garlic. Well, I've found that Listerine helps a lot with that.  The mouthwash is strong and kills the garlic smell from my mouth and makes my mouth taste awesome. Not that I MIND the garlic smell but other people might not find it as enjoyable. 

So I made it through the 21 Day Challenge!  I admit, the twice a day brushing and rinsing didn't always happen but I did it way more than I did before.  I do know that I will continue to try to brush and rinse twice daily and my habits HAVE gotten better!  My favorite product was the toothpaste. I am used to using Cinnamon flavored so I wasn't sure about switching to this but I really, really liked it. Honestly, before this promotion, I didn't know Listerine toothpaste existed.  Now, I'll be heading back to Target for sure for more toothpaste.  Have you ever tried the Listerine Toothpaste?

Don't forget to check out the facebook page and post your Swish Selfie! My kids had so much fun taking pictures of themselves rinsing with Listerine!  There is also a twitter party later this month that should be a minty blast! I'll let you know when it is! 

So - How are your brushing and rinsing habits? 


  1. I haven't been to the dentist in probably 15 years - so I take REALLY good care of my teeth. I floss every day, brush after every meal, etc. I should probably go though! Eek!

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