Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fruit Yogurt Smoothies - 17 Day Diet - Day 2

I've been following The 17 Day Diet this week.  I was pleased to see that the "allowed" foods are foods that I like to eat anyways.  The meal plans are actually very similar to how I ate when I lost a whole bunch of weight before.  I love eggs and could eat them every morning for breakfast.  I have a feeling that most mornings I will be having eggs.  Sometimes I got to change it up though.  This morning I made a yogurt smoothie.

I usually buy frozen strawberries and mixed berries in the freezer.  I love fresh fruit though so we buy that often.  Have you ever found yourself throwing out half cartons of strawberries or blueberries because you didn't eat them before they went bad? At the beginning of a diet, we all race to the produce section of the grocery store and load up on fresh vegetables and fruit that often end up in the garbage due to spoilage. Well, just freeze any fruit that you've had a few days.Then you can add frozen fruit to smoothies! Or any kind of blender concoction.  Freeze blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas, peaches, grapes and pineapple, then add the frozen fruit when blending protein shakes or smoothies made with yogurt or kafir. (I've never tried kafir but I've heard it's popular for making smoothies). Grapes are cool to eat just by themselves frozen! 

Do you ever cut fresh pineapple?  I keep the core for smoothies! I cut the core into ice cube sized chunks and freeze them in a baggie.  They are perfectly good and healthy to eat but just isn't the best to eat by itself as it's kinda tough.  It's PERFECT for smoothies though!

Here is an interesting tidbit I found in Fitness Magazine. It reads,
 "In a Penn State study, people who sipped smoothies that were mixed for five minutes longer felt fuller and at 12 percent less food afterward than those whose beverages were quickly combined."
Who knew?  Maybe I ought to blend my smoothies longer.   

Day 2 - 17 Day Diet
Yogurt Fruit Smoothie
Turkey lettuce wraps - 4 oz. real turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumber
Baked Apple (recipe to follow)
Aztec chicken
Green beans

Fruit Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

6 oz. yogurt (I used half vanilla and half raspberry)
3 frozen strawberries
Handful of frozen blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
1 pineapple frozen core cube

Place everything in a blender and add water until blended to the consistency you like. I like mine pretty thick so I didn't need a whole lot of water.

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  1. Great idea about the pineapple core. I have never thought about that. I will be saving my cores from now on. I enjoyed a smoothie yesterday and today. I think I might have to check out the 17 day diet.

  2. Sounds good Deb - great way to start the new year!

  3. I love smoothies!

  4. That is cool about the pineapple core, I never thought to use it for anything. Also crazy about the extra blending making you fuller. So weird! Good to know. :)

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