Friday, October 7, 2011

Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

So this month's theme for the Crazy Cooking Challenge is Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Pretty simple, right?

Well, do you know how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookie recipes there are? 

A lot.

I was trying to find something that I hadn't made before, something different. 

Bacon always works in a pinch. So bacon it was.

I certainly won't win any awards for the most beautiful cookie.  They didn't turn out very pretty.  But, with some patience, they turned out to be my new favorite cookie.

Don't eat these straight out of the oven. 

Let them cool.  I know, it will be hard but it will be worth it. 

I ate one right out of the oven and thought it was just okay, I didn't get the flavors too well.  By the end of the day though? Oh my oh my! They were superb. You could taste the bacon with hint of maple and it all came together perfectly. 

Seriously, my new favorite cookie.  :-)

Make them and they just might be yours too!

Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
Adapted from Noble Pig

1/2 pack of smoked bacon (she used maple, I didn't)
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup light brown sugar, packed
1 large egg
3/4 teaspoon maple extract
2/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped walnuts (next time I'll use pecans)

Cook bacon in a large skillet over medium heat until browned and cooked through. Drain on a paper-towel lined plate and chop finely.

In a medium bowl whisk flour, baking soda and salt.

In a large bowl, using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugars; about three minutes. Add egg and maple extract and beat until just blended. Add the dry ingredients; beat until just incorporated and the flour is dissolved. Stir in the chocolate chips, walnuts and bacon.

Drop one large Tablespoon of cookie dough 2-3 inches apart. Make sure you only do about 6 cookies on a sheet. If they spread and touch each other, you will have a mess. Bake 10-12 minutes in a 350 degree oven only until the edges are brown and slightly soft in the center. Let them finish cooking out of the oven, on the pan. The edges will get too dark if you leave them in the oven. Transfer to a wire rack and let completely cool.


  1. How incredible that there is Bacon in there. I've never heard of doing that before and I have a feeling my hubby would be very intrigued by it :)

  2. Oooh, I think the pecans would be awesome, too. Sounds yummy.

  3. I seriously could eat bacon for every meal of my life!!! I posted about some maple cookies yesterday... I bet adding bacon would have set them over the top!

  4. Yum! I too made a bacon chocolate chip cookie for CCC. Everything's better with bacon and I'll bet the maple just takes it to another level!

  5. I laughed out loud when I checked my blog list and saw "...Healthy & Low Calorie" immediately proceeded by "Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies."

    These sound heavenly! EVERYTHING is better with bacon!

  6. Are CCC's ever really PRETTY? No, I think it's the taste that makes them beautiful. Eye of the beholder and all that. these sound amazing.

  7. I think your cookies look delicious! And adding bacon---fabulous! I definitely need to try these sometime!!

  8. Thanks for letting me know about the missing vanilla. I love the maple in this. I have to try adding it. I love the flavor.

  9. Bacon in cookies has been a big hit in our home, can't wait to give yours a try.

    If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my entry, Chocolate Chip Gingersnaps.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  10. Oh my Heavens!!! I'm a little slow to join the bacon baking party, but this seems like as good a time as any :) Thank you!!

  11. Woooooow! As one of your posters said, I wish I had joined the bacon party sooner! I love using bacon in desserts! Made some maple cupcakes with chocolate eggs once upon a time and I imagine that these cookies would have a similar flavor! I am so glad that bacon is being used more frequently in desserts and sweets! Love that the ingredient isn't just squared into the savory category these days.

    Sorry I haven't commented in so long! I have kind of fallen off the blogosphere this summer but, I still have been following and still love your recipes and will be a more devoted follower starting now!

    Thanks for always posting such awesome pieces :)

  12. Oh yum! I've been wanting to try some sort of bacon chocolate combo. This may be the one!