Monday, June 6, 2011

Garlic Bread

I got a problem with Heather from Girlichef. Oh yea, big problem.  First, she takes these incredible pictures of this garlic bread that just scream, heavenly goodness.  I swear, those pictures were so awesome that I could smell it!  Right through the computer screen, wafts of garlic kept hitting me.  Shouldn't there be a warning label or something?!

So clearly I had to make it. She said it was so good that you're "eyes rolled back in your head" as you ate this. Ha! I'll show her!

So I spent the day attending to my bread. It really wasn't overly difficult or time consuming, it just needed attention quite often.  The dough was gorgeous and easy to work with, I'll admit that.

I flustered a bit as to how to cook it as I don't have a baking stone and I almost doused my whole oven with water trying to get the boiling water into the pan for steaming.  But it all worked out.

Then I ate it.  (eyes rolling back in my head).  I ate some more.  And more.  And then ate some more for breakfast the next day. No joke, this was breakfast my friends. 

So here's my problem.  I clearly gained like 2 lbs. eating this and my breath smells like garlic.  Actually, smelling like garlic isn't a bad thing for me as I love it so much I could wear it as perfume.  (that's not weird is it?)

I do not make bread often as I tend to eat large quantities of it in a short amount of time.  Heather! You should know this about me!  Forcing Tempting me to make this bread was just too much.  Think about your readers, think about their ever expanding stomachs and the fact that their dreams of this garlic bread in the middle of the night might just cause them to start another loaf at 3 am!!  Oh yes.  Think about the effect you have on the garlic lovers out there and...start thinking of something else I can make with garlic.  :-)

Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good. ~Alice May Brock

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dan's Garlic Bread Recipe
Recipe from Girlichef

I'm going to send you to Heather's blog for this recipe.  She has excellent directions and is very descriptive.  I suggest using caution whe visiting the site however, she takes much better pictures than I do and they might make you try to jump through the computer screen causing injury to you and/or your computer.

There are a lot of steps but each step is simple and it really is easy dough to work with.  I suggest checking off the steps as you go, I found that easier for me.  Enjoy!

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  1. Um, is it wrong that I'm so tickled at your demise ;) !?!? I mean, I completely's like you're under it's spell (the garlic bread), right? You don't know whether to hoard it or send it all away just to give you some relief. ha ha ha...I'm so glad you liked it, Debbi. You've made me crave it again, for sure. Thanks so much for the cursing and loving all rolled into one!! xo

  2. That looks incredible! I love her photos too! She's an amazing food blogger!

  3. That just looks wonderful and it looks like you did a fantastic job too!

  4. That bread looks amazing. I could see myself waking up at 3am making a loaf. HaHa

  5. OMG!!! I wish I hadn't seen this post! (-:
    I'm a huge garlic addict and bread too and have to try this. Heather definitely knows what's good and you did a great job of making it. Now that I've drooled everywhere I'll be getting to the store for garlic!

  6. I remember when Heather posted this and thinking WOW! I'm still thinking wow! You both did a fantastic bread-making and picture-taking job. I wish it was my job now to eat it, lol!

  7. WOW!! You are so right!! It looks amazing. I love garlic. Thanks for a delicious and entertaining post.

  8. Hi Debbie... the orange was plain cheesecake... the mint is a fabulous new idea... will have to try that one thanks for the idea! (you can delete this comment) thanks for your input!

  9. I loved this post Debbi! Hilarious! Oh, how our fellow bloggers test our resolve to eat healthy and I know I'm guilty of it every week! Thank you for your healthy blog which only occassionally features things that might not help us on our weight loss journey. This looks like one of the dangerous ones but I think the description of the eyes rolling back in your head is going to get to me the same way it did to you when Heather said it! Ah well, it's all about balance! I'll skip dessert and just eat a loaf of this for dinner! Bwah!

  10. I've really got to stop looking at this! I would be the one at 3 am...MUST MAKE GARLIC BREAD!

  11. I love garlic bread and this looks gorgeous! I never know when to stop when eating any kind of bread! I just love bread full stop.

  12. these would please all I am sure yummy

  13. Ok, I might be wrong, but that is not not garlic bread. That is a garlic My mom would have loved that. She would actually make garlic sandwich...Crazy right?! LOL Gracie

  14. OMG! there is NO WAY I could make that bread and not eat it all in one day. lol I have issues! :) hehe I think I could actually smell it through the screen...I gotta go! lol

  15. Hi! I just wanted to let you know about my blog hop: Savory Sunday! It's open now, for a few more days and I'd LOVE if you came over and shared one of your recipes!! Have a great day!!

  16. Oh dear! I think I just salivated on my keyboard! This looks amazing. I'm not sure if I could eat just one slice. THanks for the recipe Debbi, have a great day.

  17. Anything with garlic is delicious - love the idea of this bread!!!

    Hope you are doing well Debbi!

  18. I love garlic...and the more, the merrier. This is right up my alley!

  19. I know what you mean Debbi! I have the same problem with Heather :D Now I'm adding you to my list! Ha! I think I gained weight just reading this. the smell.

    P.S. I always wondered why people didn't like pealing garlic because of the smell it left on your hands, and then they try to figure out all these different ways to get rid of it. Go figure!

  20. This bread looks totally killer!

  21. This looks incredibly good! I can see why you were so mesmerized by it!

  22. YUM! i would totally wear garlic as perfume, too. ;) i can't wait to try this!

    thanks for linking up to mangia mondays!


  23. Drat, Now I have to make this bread and I just lost another ten pounds. I will get even with you and with Heather. Not at all nice of you gals.

  24. I really like your blog!! I am your newest follower!! :) If you would like to check out mine also and follow it too!! That would be wonderful!! :) I am excited to share new ideas on food, crafts and about mineral make-up.. I will also be giving away mineral make-up for free. So watch out for it.