Sunday, February 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - February 7 - February 13, 2011

My $75 CSN gift certificate giveaway ended and Julie from The Going To Be New Me, one of my weight loss buddies!  I can't wait to see what she picks out!  CSN has a great website full of awesome variety of things to buy.  I've bought a microwave, a mini exercise bike, a popcorn maker and a chefs knife.  They are all wonderful! 

I eat a lot differently than the rest of my family. Usually. I love to try to find things that everyone likes but as I LOVE to try new things, it just isn't possible. Plus, my boys are picky eaters. My brother usually eats what I eat and my husband, sometimes. He works many evenings so I often make "my" kind of food, when he isn't here.  So I have my meals and in ( ), I have what hubs and/or the kids will most likely eat. This helps me to keep organized.  Is it annoying making 2 separate meals?  Yes, but worth it.  To me. 

Monday: Pumpkin Hummus & Veggies, (shrimp, coleslaw & potatoes)

Tuesday: Carrot & Chipotle Soup, (chicken, coleslaw & hashbrowns)

Wednesday:  Leftovers, (spaghetti & breadsticks)

Thursday: Turkey Broccoli Wraps, (soup & sandwiches)

Friday: Broccoli Cauliflower Salad, (ham, eggs, waffles)

Saturday: Breakfast bars, Assembly all day, dinner out

Sunday:   Assembly all day, dinner out

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  1. Honestly? You're planning on making two different meals? *rofl*

    The BF is a picky eater. We have one rule, though... he tries everything that makes its way to the table (and spilling something on the floor doesn't count). If he really, REALLY doesn't like it, we'll most likely have something that can be made fast (egg sandwiches, his favorite peas, ...). But my rule of thumb is: I do the groceries, I cook, I decide.

    Hell, McD* is only ten minutes by bus from here... and he's never needed it so far. Brave guy. I am lucky to have him.

  2. (I hope this did not sound condescending. I truly couldn't imagine planning so much extra work.)

  3. Hope you have a great assembly this weekend :)