Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - January 10 - January 16, 2011

There are always new recipes I want to try so I end up overloading each week with new recipes. I am also trying to lower my portions so I end up with a LOT of leftovers.  It's okay, I like leftovers.

Last week I made some changes and forgot to take the ham out of the freezer for Sunday so we'll shoot for it this week.

I do have the links to the original recipes, but I often make changes to make them healthier or to my own personal tastes.  I will be posting my versions on my blog in a few weeks. I'm still pretty back logged with recipes!

Monday: Thai sweet potato, butternut squash chicken pot pie, ham & potatoes for the kids

Tuesday: Mexican Egg Salad Wraps, cheese tortillas for the kids

Wednesday: Leftovers for me, spaghetti for the family

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Ham in the Crockpot, potatoes, green beans

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