Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grilled Corn with Chipotle-Lime Browned Butter

We grill a lot of corn on the cob in the summer.  Who doesn't, right?  Well, my standard way is to keep the husks on, soak them in water for awhile and grill them in the husks.  I like this as there is no silk left and they are easy to peel.

Well, I've been seeing the corn grilled straight on the grill a lot lately and thought I'd try it today.  It was awesome. I did find the kernels a bit more chewy but not necessarily in a bad way.

Often because of calories, I skip the butter altogether but today I made the most awesome chipotle lime browned butter.  This seriously brought corn to a new level!  It was super tasty!  


The great thing about this butter, if you don't use it all, just stick it in the frig for next time. We bought 12 corn and are planning to grill the other 6 tomorrow night. I can't wait, this was good!

Adapted from A Veggie Venture

6 ears sweet corn, silk and husks removed
4 tablespoons butter **
Juice of a lime (about 1 tablespoon)
Pinch of ground chipotle powder
Good salt to taste

Grill the corn, turning occasionally, until many of the kernels have turned dark and caramel-like.

Meanwhile, inside, melt the butter in a small saucepan, then let it sizzle, stirring occasionally, until the butter begins to brown. Add the lime, chipotle and salt, let gently sizzle a bit. Turn off the heat, if needed rewarm before serving. Transfer to a small dish. Refrigerate leftovers, heat and stir before serving again.

**This butter makes enough for at least 12 ears of corn and refrigerates well.

 Total calories = 111 calories per ear of corn with about 1 tsp. butter mixture. I just brushed it lightly. The husband put way more butter on his. 

Korean Bulgogi Steak + Grilled Corn with Chipotle Lime Butter + Peach Slaw = 521 calorie dinner
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Calories calculated from calorieking.com. Some numbers are approximate and rounded.


  1. That sound so yummy! I have never grilled corn like that before either, but I just may give it a try now.

  2. Wow! I have been wanting to make grilled corn and I think you may have just inspired me to make the leap. This looks awesome. No doubt it was tasty.

  3. I love grilled corn! In my opinion it is the best way to cook it.

  4. Mmmmm... grilled corn. Even better with butter. I will have to try this out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. yum! I LOVE grilled corn on the cob...we actually have some in the house right now!

    This recipe looks so simple and delicious, I may just have to try it out tomorrow night!

  6. Grilled corn = amazing
    Lime + corn = doubly amazing

    You've definitely got me craving corn, that's for sure!

  7. I'm not a big corn eater but this actually made me want to buy some and try it....tonight! I never thought about spicing the butter up. YUM

  8. i love grilled corn. I wish i had a grill...but if i did i would have a hard time explaining to my super why there is a grill in my apartment. Lol

  9. Isn't corn on the grill delicious? It sounds like this chipotle-lime butter can only make it even better!

  10. YUM! I love browned butter...can't wait to give this a try!


  11. This looks so good! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for linking up today!

  12. The chipotle butter sounds so tasty! I bet it has a nice kick to it. A great way to perk up corn. Thanks for linking to Side Dish Saturdays!

  13. We love grilled corn at our house too. We've been using Emeril's recipe, but we are going to be trying this one next. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow, what a nice taste this corn must have...chipotle and lime...all in butter...looks So tasty :-)

  15. That corn looks crazy good! I had corn similar to this earlier in the Summer - can't wait to make it myself now:) Thanks for the recipe - Cheers!

  16. This looks great. Love the chile and lime!

  17. Hi Debbi,

    Thanks for bringing such a beautiful batch of grilled corn to our BBQ. Your butter is so yummy with the addition of chili and lime. Enjoy your weekend and an extra piece of corn for me!

  18. Looks delicious, saving this one, we love chipotles and on corn with the lime and butter it sounds fantastic!

  19. This looks wonderful. I have never grilled directly on the grill but I will be. Thanks for sharing.


  20. Yummy. I put my hubbys tex mex seasoning and smash it up in soft butter and brush a little on corn. It's awesome.