Saturday, August 21, 2010

Book Review - Why Your Last Diet Failed You - Charlie Hills

There this this blogging family that I think is really cool.  

First is Biz from Biggest Diabetic Loser.  Otherwise known as Beth, it's okay, she'll answer to both.  She started the 101 days of summer challenge to help set up and keep weight loss goals.  I ended up starting my dieting blog because of this.

Then there is her sister, Jenn from Slim Shoppin'. She has an amazing blog full of great recipes. She also gave me free cheese.  :-)

Biz had a contest on her blog and I won a book written by her brother, Charlie. The name of this book was incredibly intriguing, I almost bought it before I found out that I had won. (sorry Charlie on the loss of royalties there!)

I don't have a lot of time to read. But I really wanted to read this book. I am so glad I did, it was fantastic. 

I so wasn't in the mood for one of those I've-got-all-the-answers-this-is-the-only-way-to-lose-weight kind of books.  

This book takes you on an amazing roller coaster ride through Charlies struggle with weight loss.  I like how this book makes you feel.  You struggle with him as he completes the last couple of miles in his marathon.  You feel his frustration when everything he tries to lose weight ends up in failure.  You share his elation when he finally figures out what to do and he succeeds!!  Only to feel the pain of defeat once again.

His struggle is the same as ours.  He doesn't have the all the answers, in fact he really didn't have any answers at all.  But that wasn't the point of the book.  The phrase he uses is about "flipping the switch". I think about this DAILY since I have read the book.  I COMPLETELY know what he means by that!!  

He talks about all the diets that we all have tried and ultimately have failed.  He also introduced me to The Pizza Diet.  See, now you want to buy the book just to find out about THAT!

This book is seriously funny.  And serious. 

Please go buy this book.  It is inspiring. I don't care if you have 200 lbs. to lose or 2 lbs. to lose.  You'll GET something out of this book. I promise. Or he'll give you your money back!  Nah, I just made that part up. 

I am giving this book away to someone I hope will read it and like it as much as I did.  (yes, Charlie, more royalties down the drain)  I hope she doesn't mind the Cheetos's stains on a couple of pages. Yes, I actually ate Cheetos's while reading a book about losing weight.  Oh the irony!  (I was on vacation, Cheetos's don't count on vacation, do they?)

Buy this book. Flip. The. Switch.


  1. Sounds that a great book to invest in! Thanks!

  2. Haha, I love the title. That's enough for me. Sold! :)

  3. Hey - great recommendation on the book. I may have to check it out, and congrats on winning it! Funny title and cover pic.

  4. Sounds like a good read.....and learn a thing or two as well. Enjoyed reading your review....thanks!

  5. I'd at least pick it up and read the first few pages for the title alone. ;) Sounds like an awesome read, thanks for reviewing!

  6. You won the Download n go give a way on my blog!! Please email me your email address. Congrats!!

  7. Thanks for that review, sounds like a great story!

  8. Great review. Sounds like an interesting read.

    Calories never count on vacation! Or so I am told.

  9. Thanks for the great review! Good title and it sounds interesting!

  10. Loved the review Debbi! I am still upset I didn't get to walk the marathon with him!

  11. This sounds like a book everyone could benefit from. And I am laughing that you were eating cheetos while reading it...hope you had a great vacation!

  12. Look interesting and humor is always welcome in a book.

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  14. I could benefit from this book as I've struggled for a year to lose the last 20 lbs of baby weight and I'm getting frustrated. Thanks for the review.