Monday, December 7, 2009

Shredded BBQ Chicken Wraps with Creamy Cole Slaw

I'm liking the crock pot this week. It makes dinner sooooooo much easier. This is another throw it in and go recipe. The coleslaw whips up in just a couple of minutes when your ready to eat. You can use mayo or miracle whip. I originally saw this recipe over on Picky Palate and I've made it many times. It's basically the same, I've just tweaked the measurements a bit.

You may have noticed that I don't always have side dishes when we eat wraps. I like to use plenty of veggies in my wraps usually so I don't always feel the need for a side dish. We'll often cut up an apple for on the side or maybe a small salad. This has the salad on top, so no need for anything else for me.

Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken Wraps w/ Creamy Cole Slaw
1 ½ lbs. chicken
1 cup ketchup
2 tbsp. Dijon mustard
3 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp. lemon juice
¼ cup + 2 tbsp. splenda
2 tsp. molasses
3/4 tsp. pepper
½ tsp. salt
2 tsp. honey

8 oz. bag of coleslaw
1/4 cup light miracle whip
1 tbsp. splenda
1 tsp.. Dijon mustard
1 tsp. honey
8 - 100 calorie whole wheat tortillas or 100 calorie sandwich thins

Place chicken in crockpot. Combine the rest of the sauce ingredients in a bowl and pour on the chicken. Cook for 6-8 hours on low or 4-5 hours on low. Shred chicken and stir into sauce. For the coleslaw, place cabbage into a large bowl, place miracle whip, splenda, mustard and honey in small bowl and mix. Add sauce to cabbage and mix until combined. Spoon scant ½ cup BBQ chicken onto tortillas, top with scant 1/2 cup of coleslaw.

Total calories = 2180 calories
1 serving = 273 calories
2 BBQ chicken wraps with coleslaw = 546 calorie dinner

Calories calculated from, some numbers are rounded and approximate.


  1. I LOVE my Crock Pot. We used it a lot this summer since we don't have AC, temps were over 100 and I had no interest in turning the oven on.

    This chicken looks wonderful! I'm bookmarking it to remind me to pick up molasses and apple cider vinegar.

  2. My mom has made coleslaw for 30 years with the light Miracle Whip, we blend it in the blender with green pepper and carrot, add some vinegar and then add to the cabbage. It's really good and healthy too.

  3. Sounds great Debbi! Thanks for linking up to Tailgating Time! :-)

  4. You always have such creative recipes Debbi! This one looks great too! Love it!

  5. YUM BBQ anything and coleslaw works for tailgating time!

  6. MMmm! I've been wanting some shredded BBQ chicken for a while...I'll have to try your recipe!

    I love my crock pot and I love wraps! Mmmmm!

  7. OH, this sounds awesome! I will have to give it a try!! I love barbeque and coleslaw together.